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Encounter Number: 70 (deceased)

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Identified as: Unassigned

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 Occurrence ID: None assigned.


2015-08-23 10:00
Verbatim Event Date: None


Description: Eratap Lagoon, Efate
Location ID: None
Country: Vanuatu

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Contact Information

Christina Shaw

Vanuatu Fisheries Department

Observation Attributes

Taxonomy: Globicephala macrorhynchus 

Status: dead

Sex: male

Noticeable scarring: 

Behavior:  Was seen by local villagers swimming in the lagoon for the 2 days prior to the stranding

Patterning code:  None

Life stage:  adult

Additional comments:
The villagers reported the whale was seen on both the 2 days prior to the stranding in the lagoon. They said the villagers who were out in the canoe found it was dead on Sunday morning and towed it to the beach. The site where it ’stranded' is was is a shallow lagoon with mangroves and seagrass. There was apparently not any fishing gear or any other evidence of entanglement.

Skin had multiple abrasions but it is unclear if occurred whilst it was towed to shore or before.

Carcass had been dismembered before fisheries officers started examination – head, fins and tail had been removed therefore morphological measurements and whole body head and dorsal fin photos could not be obtained.

No obvious cause of death was apparent at the time of the post mortem but the body had been dismembered by this time. The carcass was fresh and therefore consistent with the reports it was alive the day before.

Post Mortem observations: There was no froth or fluid in the lungs or airways. Drowning is usually associated with froth in the airways so it is unlikely to have drowned. Stomach was empty. Other internal organs appeared grossly normal.


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photo Eratap Lagoon, Efate

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photo Eratap Lagoon, Efate

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photo Eratap Lagoon, Efate

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photo Eratap Lagoon, Efate