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7 Ziphius cavirostris Nan Hauser 1998-01 Manuae; uninhabited atoll 100 km SE of Aitutaki. Cook Islands
6 Ziphius cavirostris Nan Hauser 2007-07-17 09:00 Animal stranded alive over reef. Died after 1 hour. Cook Islands
5 Ziphius cavirostris Nan Hauser 2006-08-20 07:45 Arorangi, Rarotonga Cook Islands
4 Physeter macrocephalus Nan Hauser 2012-02-18 Aitutaki Cook Islands
23 Stenella longirostris Charlotte Esposito 2014-05-05 Moorea French Polynesia
22 Ziphius cavirostris Charlotte Esposito 2014-01-14 Raiatea French Polynesia
21 Peponocephala electra Pamela Carzon 2013-05-28 Ohotu, Rangiroa French Polynesia
15 Physeter macrocephalus Michael Poole 2014-01-13 Takume Atoll, Tuamotus French Polynesia
76 Tursiops aduncus marc oremus 2016-06-13 Plum New Caledonia
69 Dugong dugong Claire Garrigue 2009-01-19 Noumea, Cote Blanche New Caledonia

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