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65 Unidentified baleen whale Claire Garrigue 2009-09 Yaté, Unia New Caledonia
50 Megaptera novaeangliae Claire Garrigue 2011-09 Yate, Kubeni New Caledonia
48 Dugong dugong Claire Garrigue 2011-12-07 Voh, Vavouto New Caledonia
3 Physeter macrocephalus Melino Maka 2013-03-30 Tu'anikivale, Vava'u Tonga
15 Physeter macrocephalus Michael Poole 2014-01-13 Takume Atoll, Tuamotus French Polynesia
49 Physeter macrocephalus Claire Garrigue 2011-11-19 Sud, Ilot Koko New Caledonia
60 Physeter macrocephalus Claire Garrigue 2011-02-23 Sud de Santo Vanuatu
16 Globicephala macrorhynchus Juney Ward 2012-02-08 06:00 Stranded on the reef Samoa
13 Kogia sima Juney Ward 2005-08-03 Stranded on the beach Samoa
75 Physeter macrocephalus Juney Ward 2015-11-19 Reef Samoa

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Matching strandings : 71

Total strandings : 73

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